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    GP Batteries Alkaline Remote Control 12V 23A / 27A

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    GP Batteries Alkaline Remote Control 12V 23A / 27A

    GP Batteries Alkaline Remote Control 12V 23A / 27A

    GP Car Alarm Battery - 23AF

    GP Car Alarm Battery - 27AF

    GP Car alarm batteries are in line with the most advanced remote control systems. Meeting the highest standards, they are excellent in remote controls for cars, photo equipment and other electronic devices.

    * Long lasting power

    * Wide range

    * 0% mercury added

    GP Portable PowerBank 3C20A - 20000mAh
    With more and more demand on a high capacity Portable PowerBank, 3C20A was developed provide a great amount of power to support people with an increasing need to stay mobile. 3C20A will recharge your smartphone up to 8 times* keeping you connected while away from outlets. With 2.1A output current, it can power iPad, tablet or other power hungry devices. Dual output is perfect for whom carry multiple devices, or simply require extra power to get through the day. Speedy recharging which is 100% faster than conventional recharging speed. It’s great for sharing or travelling out of town.

    Having a high capacity, this pack is also equipped with the most advanced protection technology to make sure no overheating or short circuit can happen.

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    Product ID 196290433
    Brand GP Batteries
    Model / SKU GPPBA23AF000/GPPBA027A001/ GPPBA27AF000
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