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Why You Should Own A Medklinn Air Sterilizers
Medklinn Air Sterilizers can frequently help those who are affected by airborne & surface-bound allergens.

It has been shown to work in the following ways to alleviate allergic conditions:

- Removing allergens from the breathing zone

- Deactivating the allergens so that they no longer provoke an llergic response
Unpleasant and cigarette odours are notoriously difficult to eliminate. Not only are they irritating to those with allergies and asthma, they cling on stubbornly to cartpets, upholstery, drapes and other soft materials.

MedKlinn Air Sterilizers are highly effective in oxidizing odours by emitting massive amounts of negative ions and controlled level of ozone.
Designed to clean more than just the air, MedKlinn Air Sterilizers are designed to run continuously, 24 hours a day, to efficiently eliminate both airborne and surface-bound pollutants such as bacteria, mould, dust mite allergens and toxic substances, leaving in its place a clean, healthy and fresh environment for you and your loved ones.