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About Mistral

Mistral, in French, is the name of a fresh cold wind that blows from the northwest of Europe through the Rhone Valley in France to the Mediterranean Sea. The distinctive Mistral logo with its curvy flow of the wind is synonymous with innovative air moving products since the 1960’s. It has steadily become a part of many households, keeping generations cool through the years to become a key player in its category in Asia.
It was in early 2001 that, Khind Group CEO – Mr.PK Cheng and the leadership team made the strategic decision to acquire the ‘Mistral’ brand name for the Asia-Pacific region from the principal owners in New Zealand. Khind recognised that the ‘Mistral’ brand was still a well-received and credible brand in the domestic and Singaporean market due to its long-standing Australian heritage. There was goodwill in the brand name that allowed Khind to leverage on it and introduce a wider range of products, mainly in the premium range air-moving and cooling category of home consumer appliances.
Since acquiring the rights to use the ‘Mistral’ brand name, Khind gradually increased its brand and product presence in the domestic, and Singaporean market where it remains one of the leading brands of choice among affluent consumers seeking air-moving products. Till this day, the ‘Mistral’ brand remains an important contributor to Singapore’s sales.
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