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  • Start Date
    Founded in 1904
  • Short Description
    Scholl. Great Feet Feeling.
  • Long Description
    Love your feet! Scholl is dedicated to developing products that aid, nurture, pamper and care for your feet. Strut your stuff with comfort in Scholl’s footcare and footwear. Like us on Facebook to get that Great Feet Feeling!
  • General Information
    A Reckitt Benckiser (RB) brand, Scholl is the global leader and world’s number one foot brand since 1899. For over 100 years, Scholl has been dedicated to caring for the world’s feet through innovative products including the Cracked Heel Cream, Fresh Step Antiperspirant Foot Spray and Party Feet™. Scholl’s history continues with its founder’s same passion and philosophy – to improve the health, comfort and well-being of people by caring for their feet.
    Buy with confidence. When you buy from us, you are buying original Scholl products.
  • Products
    Velvet Smooth
    • Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File
    • Velvet Smooth Foot Soak
    • Velvet Smooth Essential Moisture Cream
    • Velvent Smooth Express Pedi Homec Pedicure Bundle
    • Velvet Smooth Expess Pedi


    Hard Skin
    • Contoured hard skin file
    • Foot and Nail Cream
    • Hard Skin Softening Cream
    • Cracked Heel Cream 25ML/60ML


    Corn and Blister
    • Corn Foam Cusions
    • Corn and Callus File
    • Blister Shield Plaster


    Foot Odour and Nail

    • Fresh Step (Anti-Perspirant Foot Spray)
    • Fresh Step (Shoe Spray)
    • Fresh Step (Foot and Shoe 2-in-1 Powder)
    • Odour Control Insoles
    • Nail Clipper



    Compression Stockings
    • Flight Socks
    • Sleeping Long
    • Seeping Short


    Insole and Arch Support
    • Air-Pillo Insoles
    • Air-Pillo Half Insoles
    • High Heels Insoles
    • Leather Heel Liners
    • Heel Cushions


    Party Feet
    • Party Feet Ultra Slim Gel Cushion
    • Party Feet Heel Shield
    • Party Feet Heel Cushion


    Odour Care
    • Odour Control Insoles


    Skin and Nail Care
    • Cracked Heel Cream 25ML/60ML