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UNICEF Malaysia


Since 1954, UNICEF has joined forces with the Government and the people of Malaysia to transform the lives of children across the nation. We are proud and happy to know that we have helped achieve improvements in health, nutrition, water and sanitation, formal and informal education as well as welfare services for children in rural and poor urban areas. However, we are acutely aware that while these advances are significant, theres still a long way to go. Lasting improvements in the social, legal and protective environments provisions for children happen only with irrevocable change in policy based on the best interest of the child. In our 2008-2010 Country Program, we set about improving the availability of knowledge and data on issues affecting Malaysias children to build a firm base for policies that could address remaining social gaps. A number of issues were addressed, specifically in the areas of health, education and protection. (UNICEF achievements in Malaysia) For the 2011-2015 Country Program, our priorities are directly in line with the strategic directions of the Tenth Malaysia Plan (10MP), which is the key development strategy and planning instrument of the Government of Malaysia. The program also directly supports Vision 2020, the culmination of a 30-year national development process to make Malaysia a fully developed country by the year 2020. UNICEF collaborates with Malaysian partners in government, corporations or civil society organisations and we are honoured to be part of Malaysias journey to improve the lives of its children while developing the nation.

Updated: January 2012

What are UNICEF Inspired Gifts?

Inspired Gifts are real, life-saving and life-changing gifts that are distributed to children and their communities around the world throughout the year. Not only do they provide the receiver with a great sense of satisfaction, they also provide a practical item for the field; helping save, improve and protect the lives of the world ;€™s most vulnerable children. Each gift you buy is delivered to the field.

All of the items featured in the Inspired Gifts part of this website are genuinely needed and used by the programmes that UNICEF supports. However, realistically, there are only so many of certain types of Inspired Gifts such as exercise books for schools or blankets for babies that are required and so if you have purchased an Inspired Gift your donation will not necessarily be used to purchase the item shown but will be used to help UNICEF to continue with its full range of work right around the world.