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Total Image Hydra Glow

    Total Image Hydra Glow

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    Product ID : 214512007
    Brand : Total Image
    Model / SKU : HGF0001
    Conditions : New
    Dimension (WxLxH) : 20cm x 20cm x 16cm

    Total Image Hydra Glow

    Total Image Hydra Glow

    Total Image Hydra Glow

    Total Image Hydra Glow
    Retail Selling Price: RM108.00
    Total Image Hydra Glow is a beauty powder drink with patented Viqua® Pomegranate extract and collagen tripeptide that helps you improve skin hydration up to 40% for more radiant and younger looking skin within 28 days.
    Improved skin hydration by +40%
    Increased water content in stratum corneum by +51%
    Decreased skin roughness by -31%
    Increased skin smoothness by +27%
    Decreased the volume of wrinkles by -26%
    Total Image Hydra Glow是一个含有Viqua®专利石榴提取物及三肽胶原蛋白的粉状美颜产品,让您的肌肤增加湿润度高达40%,使肌肤更容光焕发及减少细纹。
    • 增加肌肤湿润度高达40%
    Total Image Hydra Glow is recommended to adult aged 20 and above especially those with dry & dull skin since Hydra Glow is able to strengthen skin ability to lock in moisture and improves skin radiance. Owing to the exceptionally high antioxidants in Viqua® Pomegranate extract, Hydra Glow is also recommended to those who want to improve skin aging problems such as fine lines & wrinkles. Individuals who spend long hours in air-conditioned environments or constantly exposed to UV rays are also recommended to take Hydra Glow.
    Usage Directions:
    Consume one sachet daily. For better results, 2 sachets are recommended. It is convenient to take; you can pour it directly into mouth or mix with 50ml of water. It is best consume in the morning before meal and/or before bedtime. Generally, it is advisable to consume for at least 1-3 months for optimum result.
    基于 Total Image Hydra Glow能够加强皮肤锁水的能力和改善皮肤润泽,它被推介于20岁及以上皮肤特别干燥和暗淡的人士。由于Viqua®专利石榴提取物含有极高的抗氧化剂,Hydra Glow也适合那些想要改善皮肤老化问题,如细纹皱纹的人士。长时间处于空调环境和经常暴露于紫外线的人士也建议服用Hydra Glow。
    每天服用一小包。欲达至更佳的效果,建议每天服用2小包。服用方法方便; 你可以慢慢倒入口中,或与50毫升的水混合后饮用。最好在早餐前和/或睡前服用。一般来说,建议食用1至3个月以达到理想的效果。
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    Last Updated @ 8/16/2019 10:15:41 AM

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