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Quick Touch 1 Min Hair Color - Medium Brown (40)

    Quick Touch 1 Min Hair Color - Medium Brown (40)

    Formulated & suitable for grey hair coverage
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    Quick Touch 1 Min Hair Color - Medium Brown (40)


    Formulated & suitable for grey hair coverage


    Want your hair shiny black within 1 minute but worried about the possible side effects like itchy scalp and uneven coloring? QUICK TOUCH 1-Minute Hair Color will be your ideal solution!
    With collagen and botanical extracts like aloe vera and olive oil, your hair will remain smooth and soft with accompanying shine and sufficient moisture. Besides, you do not have to worry about common hair-coloring problems like itchiness and scalp irritation due to the presence of scalp protecting agent.
    QUICK TOUCH 1-Minute Hair Color also provides you with rich and long-lasting color and requires a mere 1 to 5 minutes to achieve your desired tone! Furthermore, you don’t have to pinch your nose and put up with foul-smelling chemicals as QUICK TOUCH 1-Minute Hair Color oozes soothing floral scent!


    1. Ammonia Free 温和无氧
    2. Scalp Protection 保护头皮
    3. Soothing Floral Scent 清新怡人,花香淡雅
    4. Long Lasting Rich Coloring 持久亮丽,不易退色
    5. Fast & easy to use 方便快捷


    Product Specification:
    Brand 品牌: Quick Touch 速达
    Color 颜色: 40 Medium Brown 浅棕色
    Suitable For 适用人群: All hair types 任何发质皆可使用
    Package include 包装包含:
    - Cream 1(Colorant cream, hair dye) 染法剂 1
    - Cream 2 (Developer cream, oxidation substance) 染法剂 2
    - Comb brush for hair dyeing 梳子
    - Plastic gloves 手套


    Step 1

    Open up cap from tube and press cone on cap against seal to open tube.

    Step 2

    Squeeze out the same amount of cream from both tube 1 and 2 onto the comb- brush.

    Step 3

    Start application on the greyest area and follow by the whole hair, comb through to ensure even distribution.

    Step 4

    For adequate coloring, wait for 1 to 3 minutes. For perfect coloring, wait for 3 to 5minutes. Rinse hair with warm water and then shampoo well.


    Q : Is it true that hair can be dyed in one minute?
    Yes. QUICK TOUCH 1 Minute Hair Color contains a patented colorant penetration enhancer, which facilitates colorants to penetrate into hair quickly, deeply and evenly. Therefore, it helps vivid and natural color last longer.
    Q : Is it harmful to human as it colors within 1 minute?
    No. On the contrary QUICK TOUCH is much less harmful compared to any other hair dyes which require longer waiting time. The main reason for hair damage during hair dyeing is: generally hair dyes are strongly alkaline (pH 10 ~11) and hair is weakened when exposed to alkalis (also heat and UV). Thus, during the waiting time, hair is seriously damaged due to the chemical interaction with the alkali. Hence, the shorter time will mean less damage.
    After applying QUICK TOUCH onto hair and shampooing, the touch feeling on hair is much smoother. This further proves that QUICK TOUCH minimizes hair damage. QUICK TOUCH pH is 9, mid alkaline. Moreover, the patented mechanism (colorant penetration enhancement) , and together with aloe vera gel, ceramide, hair keratin, and other carefully selected ingredients, this combination able to prevent hair damage during the coloring process.
    Q : Do you have any proven document that it will not be harmful?
    All the ingredients are listed in the FDA (Food and Drug Administration,USA). As said above, our technique is based on the colorant penetration enhancement.
    Q : Won’t it stain scalp or skin?
    No. If the hair color touches your scalp and/or skin, just wipe it off immediately. Also, shampooing after shorter waiting time will ensure that the stains on the scalp can be washed off easily.
    Q : If the waiting time is shorter or longer than one minute, what will happen to hair?
    One minute is the optimum time for the right color to develop. If the waiting time is shorter than one minute the hair color will be lighter and not long lasting as expected. If the waiting time is longer the hair color will be darker. After 3~4 minutes the color will maintain and will not get any darker.
    Q : Do I need to use this product differently in comparison to other products which require longer waiting time?
    There is no difference. Just start with hair surrounding ears and sideburns. After that apply it to all the other grey hairs completely.
    Q : Is there any problem for those who are allergic to hair color products?
    Allergies and sensitivities can occur suddenly to some people, even after regular use of a coloring product. For this reason, the allergy test must be done before each and every application.
    Q : Will my pillow be stained when I sleep with newly colored hair?
    There will be no problem if your hair is dry. However, if you go to bed with wet hair, it may stain the pillow. In such a case, we recommend that you cover your pillow with a cotton towel. Stains on a cotton towel are easily removed by washing it with some detergent and water. Avoid using towels made of silk or nylon.

    * For thicker hair user, you may increase the usage.

    * 如果发量较多,可适当增加用量


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