Authentic Products  Warranty  Full Refund
Become Lmall Brand Partner
Lmall is the only online shopping platform in Malaysia that offers an exceptional experience by featuring only the authentic products. Lmall offers a large number of product choices with local warranty & shipped locally from Malaysia. Lmall strives for delivering more authentic products every day.
Why you should shop with Lmall?
To enjoy a greater experience with your favourite brands and products.
Authentic Products
Giving you top choices of brand with authentic & quality products.
Delivering a large range of authentic products with only local warranty when you shop on-line. We focus on getting the products shipped locally from Malaysia.
Full Refund
We will refund your money when/if a purchased product is counterfeit.
Top 3 benefits why you should choose Lmall for your business.
Build and expand your business with Lmall services to enjoy greater benefits.
Maximise your brand awareness.
  • Flexibility to customize own unique store design which tailored to your brand identity.
  • Boosting your brands & products together with other established brands in Lmall.
  • Provide an exclusive space during the Grand Opening campaign for Lmall & Lelong to drive more traffic your online store in Lmall.
Maximize your product sale through data analysis.
  • Complete control over your products' selling price.
  • Distribute an effective campaign with your own branded products.
  • Data analysis through Google Analytic and Facebook pixel.
Experience our first-class customer support with immediate response.
  • Provide an exclusive customer support ready at hand with dedicated Account Manager.
  • Immediate response through Whatsapp group as well as Store Support Via email, phone call, and live chat Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Giving a free Tutorial Class Learn on how to do product postings, store sets, manage order and many more.